Wednesday, December 30, 2015


This year is coming the an end and what an amazing year it's been. There were so many beautiful moments and I can't just pick out one. As you might know already I've been obsessing over Instagram since day one. I love love love taking pictures of happy moments of my life. And Instagram it the best place to share them with you. My favorite thing to do is to just get lost through amazing pictures from the places I want to visit some day. Ahhh day dreaming. 

These are the pictures that got the most likes this year. For some of them I was surprised since they weren't my favorite and it's interesting to see what you like. 

But if I have to pick my favorite would be this one.

My biggest wish since I was little came true this year. I visited New York. City with amazing energy. Watching sunset at the top of Empire State Building with my favorite person was the most perfect moment. Pure happiness.

We made a video of our journey you can watch here.

Share your ig account bellow so I can check it out. And if you want you can check mine here.


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