Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sticky Chocolate Deliciousness

 I was looking at the blogs I follow on bloglovin' and over the years I have piled them quite a lot. So I went through and discovered some good cooking blogs I completely forgot about. One of them is Call me cupcake and the first thing I saw was this Swedish chocolate cake or Kladdkaka as they call it in Sweden. I immediately checked for ingredients if I have everything I need at home. Luckily I had everything so the baking began. It is very simple and I like the fact that it's flour less. The only thing I've changed is coffee, I replaced it with water. 

Find the recipe here + beautiful photos:

Here is how mine turned out...it was SO good! The only problem I have with this cake is that it disappeared too quickly. 

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I really need a piece of cake right now! Or two! :D Unfortunately our college-apartment-fridge is almost empty, so I can't make it now, but it's on my to-try list :)


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