Wednesday, November 19, 2014


When I started college I never thought I will met so many creative and talented people. One of them is Nina. On that up coming Christmas she prepared a little gift for us. I still remember the golden wrapped present with the little bag which contained a brooch. She made it herself, so that present was extra special. She is very crafty with the jewellery and she always has something new around her neck. It's colorful and vibrant as she is.

She finally decided to open a Facebook page and it's called Nizalnica where she is showcasing some of her work so if you have the time check it out.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this so share them in the comments bellow! Share the love!

ps. ...and because the Holidays are fast approaching maybe you find a perfect gift for someone special or just for yourself :)

Wish you a great day!


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    1. Yes I totally agree :) These bright colors can make any dull outfit fun :D


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