Friday, October 24, 2014

Something new

A lot of "new" is going on here. My shorter hair, no jeans for pants and new brand that has finally come to Slovenia - GAP. 

They have a lot of basic pieces which I like, you can really find something that you will be able to wear for a long time. I am usually jeans and t-shirt girl so my first choice was a t-shirt which you will see in a few days :)

pants,shirt-GAP / coat-VeroModa

Hey have you seen where I was on Sunday? Such a beautiful place that is covered in snow right now. Want to go back there ASAP.

Oh and hello Friday!

Photo: Pia Anžel

In collaboration with:
Dnevni Kich, BTC City


  1. It's so exciting when you get new stores in your country isn't it. We have just got Top Shop and I was over the moon when it opened in Brisbane.

    1. Yes it is! :) Oh we had Top Shop before and I think it's very expensive and the quality isn't that good either. Or maybe I had bad experience :)

  2. Hej :)
    Res je kul da mamo v LJ končno en plac kjer na enem mestu dobiš ves basic stuff, ki ga rabiš. Pa kul outfit btw ;)

    Love & Kisses :***


    1. Hello Peach! Ja res je, majo kr lepe basic kose, ki ti pridejo še kako prav :) Meni so pa najbolj všeč tiste mehke trenirke :)

  3. great outfit missy, and Loooove the shoes :)


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