Friday, October 24, 2014

Something new

A lot of "new" is going on here. My shorter hair, no jeans for pants and new brand that has finally come to Slovenia - GAP. 

They have a lot of basic pieces which I like, you can really find something that you will be able to wear for a long time. I am usually jeans and t-shirt girl so my first choice was a t-shirt which you will see in a few days :)

pants,shirt-GAP / coat-VeroModa

Hey have you seen where I was on Sunday? Such a beautiful place that is covered in snow right now. Want to go back there ASAP.

Oh and hello Friday!

Photo: Pia Anžel

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Dnevni Kich, BTC City

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ljubljana Fashion Week / #ljfw

Foto: Karim Shalaby

Yesterday was the opening event of this seasons Ljubljana Fashion Week. It was different than what we were used to see. It was actually one night at City Museum Ljubljana, where many fashion enthusiasts gathered for a drink and watch the short movie where they presented us the collections.

Foto: Klemen Razinger

It was actually a nice evening in good company, we sure will miss those three days when we all get together and watch the fashion show, but hey what's important here is that the designers show their new collections, which were amazing by the way.

The presentation of the clothes and the movie will be at Ljfw Plac at Mestni trg 15 in Ljubljana for all those who wish to see the clothes in person and maybe talk to the designers him/herself. It will be there until Sunday 19.10.. opening hours are from 9 to 21.

Foto: Mimi Antolovič

But for those who can't, below you can watch the short movie that was presented yesterday.

LJFW / Pomlad-poletje 2015 / Spring-Summer 2015 from Ljubljana Fashion Week on Vimeo.

Share your thoughts in the comments bellow. :)

...and it's almost Friday, who's excited?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Last week we got the opportunity to see the opening of the exhibition called Identity, which was basically a fashion show. They presented interesting dresses from designers from all over the world.
I was amazed by the whole show, the amazing atmosphere, music, people and of course the dresses.

The one that caught my eye was the little white dress, I like it that it's wearable and I love the details. 

Hello from me and Maja

This month is full of inspiration and great design, I am so happy I am able to see all of this amazing work. 

Still drinking my first coffee today so good morning and wish you a nice day,

Photo: Klemen Kastelic, Aleš Jenko and first photo taken by me

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Month of design / Mesec oblikovanja

On Monday there was an opening of the Month of design. This was my first time attending the exhibitions, I don't know how I managed to skip it last year?!

Well I really didn't know what to expect and I must say I was really impressed! With the venue, the people and the exhibit of course. Just the whole place screams design and I love the atmosphere they created. The pictures definitely don't do the place justice because you have to experience it by yourself. 

This years program is full of interesting lectures and debates about different subject of design. From architecture, fashion, product design. I really recommend if you live nearby or you might just be here visiting that you should see this exhibition. :) It will be here from 6.10. until 6.11.

At the opening they first gave the awards to this years best designers in different categories. Congrats to the winners!

Later we saw Tapas exhibition from Spain and this is the first time presented in Europe. Very interesting.

As you can see in the photos there are kitchen supplies made in innovative way and with modern design. To me the coolest thing was the cutting board for the bread, it has holes for the bread crumbs to fall into and that lead into a bowl that collected the crumbs for the birds to eat. Not to mention the coolest kitchen table with hand football! The cutest are the cups that have bunny nose at the bottom :)

Oh and how cool are these huge swings?! Hello from me and Pia!

If you want more you can check out my instagram, I'm always on the hunt for a great photo :)


Photo by Pia Anžel

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Headphones on

Ohh leather jackets and music on. 

Well this one is just imitation leather but still looks very nice, especially those details on the shoulders. To me headphones and speakers are very important. The quality is important. These Sennheiser are just awesome, the quality of the sound is just perfection and they also look very cool :) So simple.

jacket,shirt-twoway / jeans-zara / shoes-allstar,converse / bracelet-guess(slowatch)

What kind of headphones do you use? 


In collaboration with:Dnevni KichBtc City

Foto: Klemen Kastelic

Friday, October 3, 2014

Oh Hello Friday

Ohh Friday here you are. 

Here in Ljubljana, Fridays are that much excitable because of Open kitchen, that is held at Pogačarjev trg from March until October. Today I finally tired matcha latte, I have been wanting to try matcha tea but never seem to find it. I must say I expected totally different taste, more intense. It was good!

hoodie-twoway / jeans-c&a 

So about my outfit, on the weekend it all about the comfort, right? Love these two colors together. Did you notice my cute cat watch? Haha I got it at Happy meal and Mc Donalds just for fun :)

Have you been reading something interesting lately? Do share :)


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Dnevni KichBtc City

Foto: Klemen Kastelic

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How much is too many

Yesterday I talked to you about short jackets, well today here is the same one only in longer version and in different color. I'm always drawn to olive green color when it comes to jackets. I have to count how many I have in my closet.

This one is a little bit different with heavy zippers and imitation leather details which I love. 

jacket,shirt-TwoWay / jeans-Zara / necklace-CalvinKlein / watch-s.Oliver

Finally October is here, hope it's a good one!

Wish you a beautiful day,

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Dnevni KichBtc City

Foto: Klemen Kastelic