Monday, September 1, 2014

End of Summer

I never thought I would wear a vest, let alone a jeans vest. It was just something I didn't feel comfortable wearing, but when I saw this one I just had to put it on. It's OK to surprise yourself in a positive way. I paired it with my favourite black jeans and a cool t shirt.

See, I told you I would be braver with darker lipstick :) I really like this one by Botega Verde in a shade Rosseto Luce Ciliegia. I also like that it's with avocado oil, makes lips really soft.

It was so much fun shooting these photos, people must have think I'm crazy or something holding ice cream in one hand and whipping my hair back and forth, haha! But Hey, it was fun :)

To me summer ends when September starts, so we can say this was the last weekend of summer. Does this also means it's the end of ice cream season? Well, not here :) I am still planing to go to the sea next weekend so please fingers crossed for nice weather.

Have a great start of the week!

In collaboration with:
Dnevni KichBtc City, C&AMagic TUŠBotega Verde

Foto: Pia Anžel

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