Thursday, August 28, 2014

Strawberry dreams

If you have been reading my blog for some time, then you must know my love and hate relationship with color red. So it was interesting that I was immediately drawn to this shirt. Red is such a strong color.

Paired with light blue jeans and varsity jacket just adds to the coolness. Do you agree?

Mmm talk about yumminess... this strawberry chocolate ice cream was just so delicious. 

Daydreaming about sunshine and strawberries, this is what the rainy weather does to you. These photos were taken when it was pouring rain outside and today it's actually really sunny! Hopefully we'll have more luck with the weather in autumn.

I really wanted a varsity jacket for so long, but never seem to find one that I really like. I think it gives that cool sports look with jeans and a t shirt, oh and don't forget the cap :).

Do you have one?

Now back to my studies, talk to you soon.

In collaboration with:
Dnevni KichBtc City, C&AMagic TUŠBotega Verde

Foto: Pia Anžel

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