Monday, August 11, 2014

Recipe: Mint coffee

While I was watching 24Kitchen, like most of the time before going to sleep (I find it very relaxing, and hungry :))  I heard someone mention mint coffee (I love mint and coffee). So it's definitely something I have to try! I suddenly checked for recipes, and among many recipes I discovered this cool blog I have already talked about in my previous post (you have to try this delicious recipe). OK back to coffee, it can be done in different ways. In this recipe here, it's made with syrup made from mint, which you add to your coffee. Because I couldn't wait for another day, I found a much quicker way to do it.

So what I did?

I made coffee and wait for it to cool down, then picked up some fresh mint leaves and put them in a blender, together with coffee and a little milk. Mix it, drink it! And it's better with ice. 

I also added some ice cream. Yum!



  1. You had me at mint but OMG I hate coffee!

    1. Oh no, how can you hate coffee?! It's so good! :) Maybe try with cocoa or hot chocolate? ;)


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