Monday, August 18, 2014

Bad is the new good, or is it?

Hello happy people!

New week and finally some sunshine. This summer was nothing but bad weather. Rain, rain and more rain. I hope you had more luck with sunshine and enjoying the true meaning of summer. But I'm not complaining, because I believe you can make the best out of everything. I got this great opportunity to try out these new ice creams from new collection Magic by TUŠ. Fashion and ice cream goes well together right?

On a rainy day we ate ice cream and pretended it's actually summer. So much fun!

I could say my taste is simple, I will take anything with chocolate and vanilla.

Which is your favourite flavour?


In colaboration with:
Dnevni KichBtc City, C&AMagic TUŠBotega Verde

Foto: Pia Anžel


  1. Chocolate all the way for me. Beautiful shots of you and your Puppy is so cute!

  2. Omg I love magnums.
    Whilst I love the standard vanilla & chocolate I love the Ego, caramel in layers of chocolate with vanilla icecream *i die*

    And yes, cute pooch! More puppy pics on instagram hehe

    1. Ohh caramel, I love that one too!
      Hehe thanks, I will try, because she hates the camera. :)

  3. Hello Barby :) I haven't been here for so long it's embarrassing! But I like this space and I finally had some time to update my blog! You had rain in your country? You should visit mine then!! We are living in paradise and I am not boasting! The days are soooo sunny and nice - i can't stay away from the beach! Whats the name of the dog? x

    1. Hello! Thank you for stoping by, I haven't been updating much lately but trying to do that more often now. Can you post your link because I can't reach it through google connect. Ohh you are so lucky to have a beach near you. That must be awesome :) The dog name is Rozi :)


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