Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Few months ago I've been told about this site called Cassiny where they sell unique, handmade jewelry made from silver and semi-precious stones. Here are some of my favorites so check out their site for more. The best thing about it is they can make anything you wish and it will be totally unique.

Photo: SS, me

There are very creative people behind this and I just want to show them support by telling you about them. You can even find something pretty for a gift since Christmas is just around the corner. 

Show some support and visit their facebook page Cassiny
Thank you so much and talk to you soon,

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  1. Lovely! My favourite is the second bracelet with flowers (? haha I can't really see:p) I love jewellery that is not from big shops like HM or F21 so I'll definately check them out! Thanks for sharing


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