Saturday, June 15, 2013

Barby loves / Polka Dot Denim Dress


It's not often you would see me in a dress and although I prefer jeans and t-shirt sometimes I just want to dress up more girly. 
I've been looking around and found this dress (pic above) and what I really like is that it's denim and white polka dots gives vintage feel to it.
But what I love the most is the cutout back with a tied up bow.
What do you think? 

You can find it at for £64.00 

Za vse vintage navdušence, ki še morda ne veste je danes v Parku Tabor Nostalgična sobota, kjer lahko kupite oblačila, obutev, nakit in ostale modne dodatke :) 
Danes 15.6. od 10-19 ure v parku Tabor

Thank you for reading.
Wish you all a beautiful sunny weekend!

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  1. Wow you look gorgeous! I love the color of your hair!


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