Monday, April 15, 2013

PFW F/W 13/14 Day 2 - part two

Front row with bloggers All Around Eve and Ulični Stil

So here I am with part two, you can read part one here.
Let's talk about the masters from fourth and fifth years.

First pictures: Barbara Vrbančič/ Middle pictures: Janja Videc/ Bottom pictures: Barbara Dermota

First up was Barbara Vrbančič with fabulous red sequined blazer. It reminded me of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and her ruby slippers. She really used nice colors and played with patterns. I also liked Janja Videc and her black and white collection with leather details of course. Another great one was by Barbara Dermota. Interesting creasing on the pants and love that bright blue color.

Now on to the last show of the evening with main designers and first up was...

Urša Drofenik

The queen of evening and cocktail dresses Urša Drofenik. Inspiration is beautiful delicate lace with small flower details. I'm sure every woman would feel beautiful in her dress.

Mojca Celin

These are probably the only pieces that I liked by Mojca Celin. The first one because of the nice silver pants and warm long sweater/cape. The second one without the scarf or whatever that is, the dress itself is really pretty.

Not much else to say really, the last show didn't impressed me that much. I won't even talk about the others but you can check whole collections here. I don't like to be critic of the designs because every designer have so much talent and there is also a lot of hard work behind it. And also because everyone has their own taste. Here in Slovenia it's very hard to succeed if you are an artist so congrats to everyone.

I unfortunately had to skip day three so that's all from me on Philips Fashion week.
In case you've missed it here is my recap of
Day 1/ Outfit from day 1
Day 2 part one/ Outfit from day 2

Which one is your favorite? Please share it in the comments below.

Wish you all a great start of the week!

Foto: Primož Predalič/ Sašo Radej

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  1. wow this must be so exciting, I'd love to go to a fashion show and you blog about them! Best job ever!

    And what is with those crazy shoulder pads on the chick to your left! :)


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