Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Barby goes on vacation

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It's that time of the year again for me to go to the sea.... For years now I have my favorite destination I go to every year for my spring vacation. I just need those few days to relax and recharge to be prepared for all the stress and work that's coming in next few months.

I can't wait and I hope you all have something fun planned this week! 

We have some fun photo shoots coming up next week so stay tuned :)


Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Blue Shoes on Facebook

So I decided and finally made a page on facebook for my blog. So if you want you can also follow me there. I still need to learn a few things because right now it's still a little confusing hehe :)

Thanks for all the support!

Have a great day,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Exhibition / Experiment: Mobile!

At the beginning of the year City Museum of Ljubljana was preparing for a new exhibition called Experiment: Mobile! Mobile photography - from phone to exhibition. The purpose was to select photos that captures the magical and real moments from city Ljubljana that people take with their phones and put them on social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook...

"Pictures from social networks can portray Ljubljana as magical or realistic, unusual or ordinary, intimate or sociable. These images that normally exist only for a short moment on the world wide web before they get overwritten by newer content on the social timelines, will end up in museum this time."
Taken from official presentation

If you have been checking my Instagram account then you already know I love taking pictures. I'm always the one who has phone in their hand and constantly takes pictures. I really love to capture that moment and an expression or that smile when no one was expecting. Those spontaneous moments are the best!

So you get my excitement when they told me they have selected some of my photos to put in the exhibition! Wow such an honor for me :) I am really happy!

When / 24 April 2013 at 6 pm 
Where / City Museum of Ljubljana, Gosposka ulica 15. 
The exhibition will be open until 30 September 2013.

So if you are in Ljubljana or you are planning a trip there this is definitely an exhibition you can't miss.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

PFW F/W 13/14 Day 2 - part two

Front row with bloggers All Around Eve and Ulični Stil

So here I am with part two, you can read part one here.
Let's talk about the masters from fourth and fifth years.

First pictures: Barbara Vrbančič/ Middle pictures: Janja Videc/ Bottom pictures: Barbara Dermota

First up was Barbara Vrbančič with fabulous red sequined blazer. It reminded me of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and her ruby slippers. She really used nice colors and played with patterns. I also liked Janja Videc and her black and white collection with leather details of course. Another great one was by Barbara Dermota. Interesting creasing on the pants and love that bright blue color.

Now on to the last show of the evening with main designers and first up was...

Urša Drofenik

The queen of evening and cocktail dresses Urša Drofenik. Inspiration is beautiful delicate lace with small flower details. I'm sure every woman would feel beautiful in her dress.

Mojca Celin

These are probably the only pieces that I liked by Mojca Celin. The first one because of the nice silver pants and warm long sweater/cape. The second one without the scarf or whatever that is, the dress itself is really pretty.

Not much else to say really, the last show didn't impressed me that much. I won't even talk about the others but you can check whole collections here. I don't like to be critic of the designs because every designer have so much talent and there is also a lot of hard work behind it. And also because everyone has their own taste. Here in Slovenia it's very hard to succeed if you are an artist so congrats to everyone.

I unfortunately had to skip day three so that's all from me on Philips Fashion week.
In case you've missed it here is my recap of
Day 1/ Outfit from day 1
Day 2 part one/ Outfit from day 2

Which one is your favorite? Please share it in the comments below.

Wish you all a great start of the week!

Foto: Primož Predalič/ Sašo Radej

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

PFW F/W 13/14 Day 2 - part one

Second day started with annual fashion show by students from NTF (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering from department of Textile in Ljubljana). First up were students from first and second year then third and at the and from masters fourth and fifth years. This year their fashion shows were a part of Philips Fashion week which was probably even more exciting for them.

You could clearly see how much they learn and progress in years. So many young talented designers! Congrats for successful fashion show!
The theme this year was Spominjam se/ I remember. Last year the theme was Krila/ Wings I wrote about here.

Then at 21:00 the last show of that day started when other well known designers showed us their fall/winter 2013/14  collection.

First let me start with my favorites by first year students.

Suzana Samac/ Teja Črnivec/ Lara Drnovšek/ Tjaša Korošec/ Kaja Golob

Wow was all I can say to first years. My favorite is the fifth picture by Kaja Golob, the structure it's just so interesting. I also like the second one by Teja Črnivec because of the hoodie but without the feathers please.

Second year

Špela Dobnik/ Nina Gorišek/ Katja Vilfan/ Deni Pregelj/ Vesna Ursič/ Maja Lempl Nukic/ Polonca Monfardini/ Nejc Šubic

Such an interesting choice of materials. I loved the last one with leather and plastic, these two together made a really interesting combination. Although I'm not sure how it would feel like wearing it.

Third year

First, second Matic Veler/ the rest four Vasja Lasič

When the first model by Matic Veler (first picture) came out everyone around me was like waaaw! And I was one of them. The picture don't do it justice but the whole material around her head was sparkling so beautifully. The cuts and shapes of the dress is so amazing! It's not like you could wear it but I love to see pieces like this on the runway. It's art!
Other favorite from third year was Vasja Lasič (the rest four pictures) with men's collection. It's such a wearable collection. Even I would love to have that soft black sweater. Looks so comfy.

Day two was so long and full of amazing collections. I had to divide it in two posts or it will be too long for you to read. Check back to see masters fourth and fifth years and other known designers Urša Drofenik, Mojca Celin, Simona Lampe and Irena Funduk.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Foto: Jelka Kovačič, Primož Predalič

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Barby wears / PFW F/W 13/14 Day 2

Blazer - H&M/ Belt - MMM for H&M/ Shirt - Vero Moda/ Leggings - Zero/ Shoes, clutch - Bershka/ Bracelet - Cruciani, H&M/ Necklace - Accessorize

I found this cute cropped blazer at H&M just a few days ago and I completely fell in love with this pretty pink! Oh did I mention it was on sale? Score!
I love pink but don't wear it often, but that day I felt like it's a pink kind of day. I also tried this hair style for the first time and I really liked it.

With my dearest Jelka my great photographer

Here is my outfit from day one and also look at my favorite designs from day one.

What do you think?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

PFW F/W 13/14 / Day 1

Philips Fashion week is behind us but let me talk about my favorites from day one first. 

"Miro Mišljen with collection Marija Magdalena"

Miro Mišljen opened the first show with pretty "flower hats" which felt more appropriate for spring than fall/winter. His main element was lace with accompany with other slimming materials that accentuate women's figure. 
In winter I prefer to wear darker colors but it was nice to see some color. So most of my favorites were the ones that were black or white.

"Sofia Nogard with collection ID"

Sofia Nogard was my favorite along with Alice Bossman but more on her later on. I already liked her previous S/S 2013 collection. Now her collection was based on playing with contrasts. Soft or rough, slimming or lose, shiny or matt and so on. Not to mention my favorite combination of black and blue! (Check my outfit from day one :)) Other thing I really liked was she used leather details which I really like at the moment. Oh just check out those blue shiny pants (pic 4)!

"Tanja Zorn with collection Chiaroscuro"

Tanja Zorn had some really nice details. I liked the blue bag with a little "fur" (unfortunately you can't see it well in the picture). Oh did you notice the blue lining on the cape of male model? I like! Another one that has been playing with contrast.

"Simona Muc - Niti Niti with collection I will survive"

Niti Niti with collection "I will survive". If the next winter will be as cold and long as this one I think if wearing these warm knitted scarfs we will survive.

Alice Bossman was as I mentioned before one of my favorites. Her collection was all white with amazing structures and materials. Zippers were such a nice detail to make clothes a little bit rough. Really really great collection! She played with construction and deconstruction, with shapes, details and volumes. Comfortable and feminine.

Did anyone watch live stream of the shows? Which one did you like best?

Foto: Primož Predalič 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Barby wears / PFW F/W 13/14 Day 1

Blazer, Shirt, Jeans - Zara/ Shoes - MMM for H&M/ Bag - Asos

First day of Philips Fashion week is over and I was so impressed with so many amazing designs. But more on that tomorrow and start with my outfit for the night. 
I went with my beautiful shoes from MMM for H&M and my favorite combination of black and blue with big green earrings. 

 With always fabulous Selma

Foto: Jelka Kovačič

Don't forget you can watch all shows live stream HERE. First one starts at 16:00.

Also follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates from the shows.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Philips Fashion Week Fall/ Winter 13/14

Foto: Elle.si

It's that time again for the most exciting week also known as fashion week here in Ljubljana! As you know I first attended it last year to check spring/summer collection. Now it's time to see what the designers prepared for us for fall/winter 13/14.  

You will all be able to watch it live stream HERE and I will also be updating my instagram and twitter so you can follow me there.

First show starts this Monday 8. at 21:00 


Vsi, ki bi želeli gledati prenos lahko to storite s klikom na to povezavo.


Ponedeljek, 8. april
10.00 – 23.00 Fashion Week Boutique (Komuna)
Tmpriboljški, Vandalimorale, Ceramic Jewelry by Hana Karim, Pleksimanija, Petra Bole, O'grlice, Glow, Lesema, Margaret 88, Mamishiwa, Studio Oblique, Črna Zračka, Tarnuljčica. Vstop prost.
21.00 Modna revija (Miro Mišljen, Sofia Nogard, Tanja Zorn, Niti Niti, Alice Bossman) (Katedrala)

Torek, 9. april
14.00 Predavanje oblikovalke Jane Bowler (Komuna). Vstop prost.
16.00 Modna revija študentov Naravoslovnotehniške fakultete (1. in 2. letnik) (Katedrala)
17.30 Modna revija študentov Naravoslovnotehniške fakultete (3. letnik) (Katedrala)
19.00 Modna revija študentov Naravoslovnotehniške fakultete (magisterij) (Katedrala)
19.00 – 23.00 Fashion Week Boutique (Komuna)
Tmpriboljški, Vandalimorale, Ceramic Jewelry by Hana Karim, Pleksimanija, Petra Bole, O'grlice, Glow, Lesema, Margaret 88, Mamishiwa, Studio Oblique, Črna Zračka, Tarnuljčica. Vstop prost.
21.00 Modna revija (Urša Drofenik, Mojca Celin, Simona Lampe, Irena Funduk) (Katedrala)

Sreda, 10. april
10.00 – 18.00 Delavnica z Jane Bowler (Komuna)
Delavnica je namenjena študentom NTF-ja in VŠD-ja.
19.00 – 23.00 Fashion Week Boutique (Komuna)
Tmpriboljški, Vandalimorale, Ceramic Jewelry by Hana Karim, Pleksimanija, Petra Bole, O'grlice, Glow, Lesema, Margaret 88, Mamishiwa, Studio Oblique, Črna Zračka, Tarnuljčica. Vstop prost.
21.00 Modna revija (Draž, Maja Štamol, Almira Sadar, Nelizabeta, SQUAT // Young@Squat, Krznarstvo Eber) (Katedrala)

Med 5. in 13. aprilom bodo v izložbah številnih ljubljanskih trgovin razstave študentov NTF-ja: 3muhe, Allegria, Bag's, Barlič, Chliche, Cocozebra, Irenne, Botique Jež, Kamen, Katarina Silk, Koda 386, Kraš, Lafemme, Lerota, Parfumerija Limoni, Lucy, Maja Ferme, Midas, Modrijanova knjigarna, Niti Niti, Novias, Papirnica Tana, Peko, Rikoma, S. Oliver, Svet knjige, Trgovina Kep, Urban Shop, Wolfova 5, Xetra, Zooo, Nama, Almira Sadar. 
10. aprila bo odprtje showrooma v Maxiju, kjer bodo razstavljene kreacije študentov NTF-ja. Oblačila bodo na ogled do 14. aprila.kreacije študentov NTF-ja. Oblačila bodo na ogled do 14. aprila.

Besedilo in foto: Elle.si

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


You've all probably heard that Google Friend Connect is being canceled. There are a lot of people that still use it to read their favorite blogs and I also have readers who still use it. Now that there have been rumors about canceling it I recommend using Bloglovin' to catch up on your favorite blogs. I've also been using it to read blogs because it's much easier and fun. They have also made it easier so you can import all your blogs from GFC. 

So if you still want to catch up on my blog I would be very happy if you would follow me on Bloglovin'. I'm also on Twitter, Instagram, Fashiolista and Pinterest