Monday, March 18, 2013

Travel through time with Bon Voyage fashion show

This past Wednesday we traveled through time with fashion show Bon Voyage. Nine collections by thirteen designers took us on a journey through time, from 50's to the future.

Ema Salčinovič (Lesema) with collection Lillian
Iva Katalenič with collection Rockabilly will never die
Ema Bavcon in Saša Nemec with collection Mary Q
Karmen Koren with collection Swing
Tina Starc (SQSHI) with collection "Girl just want to have fun"
Eva Jančar Kalan (Evita) with collection Sexy MF Collection
Nika Torkar (NIKATO couture) with collection Ready-to-wear
Nataša Belcijan Natalie, Barbara K. Germ and Damjana Rožič with collection Black & White futuro
Elizabeta Likovič in Nejc Švarc (GLOW) with collection Haute Future

Iva Katalenič

Ema Bavcon in Saša Nemec

Every designer had their own vision on a certain era in fashion that they represent and I think they did an amazing job. Here is another proof that Slovenia have amazing designers. I will let pictures do most of the talking but let me point out my favorites. 

I really loved the details and the choice of materials at SQSHI. The whole styling was nice, they made it cute and comfortable white nice sneakers (in this case my favorite Startas) so just how I like it. 
I also can't get pass NIKATO couture and their adorable hats with headphones. As soon as they stepped out they put a big smile on my face. Well who doesn't love a good music on their way through winter cold? :)
Another one of my favorite Nataša Belcijan NatalieBarbara K. Germ and Damjana Rožič three designers joined forces to make this great collection. But my eyes were mostly on the bags, the white one reminds me of macaroon. Loving it! 
I was most amazed by collection from GLOW. Just look at that shoulder piece! The use of glass was really amazing and I loved every piece from their collection. 

Congrats to all the designers!

Which piece you like the most?
Share your thoughts in the comments bellow.

Foto: S.S.


  1. kako je bilo na modni reviji? mi je ful zal, da se nisem mogla udelezit :/

    xo I.

    1. Super je bilo! Se vidimo aprila v kinu šiška na pfw? :)

  2. This show Fabulous jewelry and Beautiful handbags very nice look


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