Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb S/S 2013 "Day 3"

See whole collection by Iva Karačić

Over sized coats, dresses in dark colors with a little pop of red here and there. I wonder which material was used here? I think I can find myself a dress or two here especially the last two. How about you?

See whole collection by Iggy Popović Atelier

I was really impressed by this collection. I wasn't expecting swimwear at all and for the next surprise at the end when they transformed them into night gowns. It was really interesting to see and it look pretty good doesn't it? I love the combination of black and blue but most don't agree with that. Would you wear something like that? I must say that people there were really impressed by this collection and I am definitely one of them.

See whole collection by Natalija Smogor

Although I wasn't there on first day I think all would agree that the last day was most interesting. Not only because of the clothes but of the whole presentation. There was a LOT of dancing, acts and movies. In this case the inspiration was (at least I saw it like that) Bond...James Bond. This was men's collection and in the beginning one couple came out (first picture) and pressed on some button that made sound effects then the models stared to came out dancing and doing some fun moves. It was really fun to watch :) Oh and for the clothes I really didn't like how they dressed the "Bond girl". Clothes for men were really nice though.

See whole collection by Ada Zanditon

This collection started with a movie which was really great! It was really long too. The clothes were nice as well. But let me talk about the shoes....I haven't seen anything like it before. It was shining and really interesting....I can't imagine how it would be to walk in them? Hmm. For the clothes my favorite was the golden dress with a headband. I love love love that headband (picture before last). A DIY maybe?

See whole collection by Ana Kujundžić

Now my favorite but anyway interesting use of materials and design. 

See whole collection by Ivana Popović

Another collection that stared with a movie that was more appropriate for the adults and the whole show also. I think that for every piece it was used silk (correct me if I'm wrong). I think the designer wanted to show that every women can be sexy and wear everything they like because she used very different models. It was a nice concept. Can you find something you would love to wear?

I must say it again that I was so happy to be able to go there and experience all of that. It was truly a dream come true. 

Sorry it took so long for me to show you this and apart to some technicals problems it also took me a long (too long) to edit and pick my favorite photos among all 1600!! So here it is now and I hope you enjoy and get a little image of how everything looked.

You can check my first day here, and also my outfits from day two and three

Photo by: Jelka Kovačič

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