Monday, April 2, 2012

Outfit Ideas "Blue Monday"

Ok this outfit isn't blue but I'm obsessed with this blue and neon yellow necklace! These two colors together are just wow! Love it! :) I don't know what is it with me but always when I see interesting color combination I'm so in love with it, just makes me so happy! 

I think Zara currently have so many amazing statement necklaces, I have to go check them out. 

This is something I would definitely wear to college. I think it would look great with heels like the ones in the picture with jeans or maybe with ankle boots but I prefer flats for college so this is something I would wear. I also love ankle booties like this, this one has fringes which I love (I already have two very similar) and this one also has little studs which gives them edge. 

I would actually wear this with a jacket (leather probably) because it's not warm enough to go with just a t-shirt. 

Do you like this combination?


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  1. Ja verižica je pa čist nora <3 hud outfit si sestavla :)

  2. That necklace is so amazing, I love it!

  3. I love those pants! I dont know if I could ever pull them off, but if I could I would def wear them!
    xox, Maria

  4. Oh my goodness so in love with this outfit inspiration. And you're so right the blue and yellow are just like WOW!!!

    <3 Marina


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