Monday, March 19, 2012

Zagreb and Museum of Broken Relationships

First off sorry for picture overload and for bad quality of them but I only had my phone with me.

For some of you this may be totally boring but some of you I hope will like it, I personally love to look at other peoples pictures from their trips. :)

I must say I love this city, it's so beautiful, it has so many gorgeous parks, big old historical buildings, little shops, funny museums and good food. Well speaking of museums, we had some spare time and decided to visit the museum of broken relationships. At first I thought why is that interesting?...but when I got there the museum itself looked so nice and the whole point of it was that people from all over the world shared their items and stories behind that item from their past relationship. Some of them were really sad and it was interesting so see what kind of stories people have.

So what are you looking at: Gorgeous park, View from the top, Museum of Broken Relationships, Gift shop at the museum with funny items (who wouldn't love to have a bad memories eraser? :)), One of the short stories (most of them were very long), Sparkly curtain, Writings on the wall, Wedding dress, Another story, Some more items from the gift shop, Confessional room ;), Another view from the top.

Tommorow I will show you the pictures from the Zgraf Exhibition, the main reason why I went there. :)

Have a great start of the week,

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  1. this museum is fun and strange, nice pics!

  2. What a really different idea for a museum.

  3. LOL this is one awesome and amazing and yet strange idea. Wish it makes it to the states I would definitely check it out.

    <3 Marina


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