Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Philips Fashion Week Ljubljana 2012

Picture from: Elle.si

So here comes the second Philips Fashion Week Ljubljana. I'm so happy that it didn't stopped at the first one. Fashion wins and continues the journey with a bunch of talented designers and now also extends for a day. Can't wait to see what they prepared for us this time.

You will all be able to watch live stream here. There were some of you that watched it last year so I hope you will join again this time.

Till then you can watch this promo video here.

Here is the program:

Monday, 2. 4. 2012

Fashion show of young designers at 18.30

Alice Bossman
Ana Jelinič
Anđela Lukanovič
Arijana Gadžijev
Dajana Ljubičič
Ivan Rocco
Katja Magister
Nena Florjančič
Peter Movrin
Petja Zorec
Sanija Reja

Tuesday, 3. 4. 2012

Fashion show at 18.30

Ursa Drofenik Fashion (Urša Drofenik)
Simona Lampe
Maja Štamol
Ymócion Design by Vladimira Kralj (Vladimira Kralj)
Miro Design (Miro Mišljen)

Fashion show at 21.00

m*faganel (Matevž Faganel)
Firma Ljubljana (Sanja Grcić)
Nicola De Main
Aleksandra Brlan
Maja Ferme Fashion (Maja Ferme)

Wednesday, 4. 4. 2012

Fashion show at 18.30

Tanja Zorn (Tanja Zorn Grželj)
Draž pletenine (Urša in Tomaž Draž)
Farandula (Mateja Krofl in Tinka Domjan)
AlmiraSadar (Almira Sadar)
Niti Niti (Simona Muc)

Fashion show at 21. uri

JSP (Jelena in Svetlana Proković)
Marjeta Grošelj
Garevski (Zoran Garevski, Squat)
Nina Šušnjara
NatasaHrupic (Nataša Hrupič)
Akultura (Alenka Globočnik)
Natasa Persuh (Nataša Peršuh, Squat)

From: elle.si

I'm most excited to see collection of Niti Niti, Nina Šušnjara, Garevski, m*faganel and the collection from young designers.

Let me know if you will watch it :)

Here you can see my favorites from last year -> Day one, day two.

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  1. What and amazing and interesting opportunity!! Those designers look so interesting, and would be fun to see!

    p.s. I am hosting a giveaway on my little blog! Go check it out :)



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