Thursday, March 29, 2012

Outfit Ideas "Karaoke night"

Shirt - H&M, Clutch - Alexander McQueen, Leggings - Herve Leger, Shoes - Bershka, Hat, Cuff - H&M FAA

At the beginning of the month one of my friends celebrated her birthday and we went for karaoke night. It was fun, full of laughter and good music filled night. I've put up something very similar of what I wore that night, since I don't have pictures where you would be able to see my full outfit. 

I went for not so high heels (I wore these) and comfy leggings with nice white shirt. I had a different bracelet and long necklace. I didn't wear a hat but I think it would look great with the outfit. I love jeans or leggings with a zipper :) 

Do you like karaoke? What would you wear?


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  1. I really like that white top! Cute ideas! :)
    xox, Maria

  2. lovely look! What did you sing? :)

  3. hehe, ravno včeraj sem bila na karaokah :P meni so super!


  4. Great outfit idea :) You would of looked gorgeous!

    I don't do karaoke - I sound so bad I would feel very sorry for anyone that has to listen haha.

    Talitha xx


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