Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorites from March

And we are at the end of the month. I wanted to show you my current favorites from this month and these are:

Bright lips - before I wasn't "brave" enough to wear a red or bright pink lipstick but now I'm trying to change that :) I really love bright lips for spring!

p.s. You can win a lipstick of your choice at my friends blog Hurry up you have time until tomorrow!

Pink nails - I'm all about pink currently, I wear it on my nails, lips, jeans....everywhere. (Not at the same time ;)) I really love my new nails polish with gorgeous glitter, I want to put it over every nail polish I have. But this candy pink must be my favorite!

Hats - I just love hats for spring/summer! The one in the picture is my favorite, you probably saw me wearing it a lot last year. Have to buy some more. p.s. They are perfect for bad hair day ;)

Prints and colors - I love mixing different colors and prints. I'm in love with minty color, I like to add some other colors like pink and violet and also goes perfect with black and white stripes. Makes a boring outfit very interesting.

Here are my favorites from March. Let's see what April brings.

What is your favorite thing right now?


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  1. aww thank you for mentioning my giveaway! love the bright lips on you :) also loving mint green, i have a haul up soon featuring some minty items! :) xxx

  2. You look so pretty in that first photo, bright lips look great on you!

  3. I've been looking for a bright pink lipstick for spring, any recommendations?
    Love the one you're wearing in the photo!

  4. I love the nails :) It's the same style I'm having for my wedding

    And I have also embraced the bright lips, it looks lovely!

    Talitha xx

  5. Barby you look so pretty and so glad you're adventuring yourself with all these beautiful bright colors

    <3 Marina


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