Friday, February 3, 2012

Music to my ears

1. Ear Headphones via, 2. Skullcandy Ink'd Gold, 3. Skullcandy Lowrider via, 4. Skullcandy GI via

I can't live without music. I listen to music everyday, everywhere I go my favorite songs are with me. I never paid much attention to headphones. But I've been seeing lately that there are some very nice headphones out there. I really like the idea of gold headphones, they are sooo pretty! I like bigger headphones, those small ones are just annoying but these gold ones are so cute, also 1. is really interesting because it looks like a necklace. Love it.

What kind of headphones do you have?

And here is the song that I'm listening to at the moment. :)

Have a great day,

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  1. beautiful headphones! Small ones are also available with svarowski crystals!
    Technically speaking I like very much Creative ones, they can reproduce basses very well. Creative ep630 are very good!

  2. I love those gold ones 3 and 4 they are lovely.

  3. I think I would not be able to live without music as well! :) They're just so great for any type of mood! Those SkullCandy headphones are amazing! And right now, I'm just using the Apple earphones that came with my iPhone... I know, I know!


  4. My headphones are nothing like this!!

    Emma xx


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