Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Outfits from 2011

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Ok this is I think every outfit that made to the blog last year. My favorite was the one with the versace and h&m hat (14). It's something different :)

Which one is your favorite?

How is your first day at work/school after the holidays? Mine started perfectly, my lecture for the day got canceled. Ahhh what a great start of the day! 

And as promised here is my favorite song from 2011: Ellie Goulding - Your song

Have a great day!

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  1. can you believe it? I've been hearing this song as well!!!!

    I love all of your photos, i would say my favourite is the first, because its the first photo i saw of you and from there we became friends :)

    jos xx

  2. Ha, ha! Love it that your lecture was cancelled. Such gorgeous outfits - i can't choose just one!

    Emma xxx

  3. OOOh I cant really pick a favourite, you look stunning in all of them and I always get hair envy when I see your posts.

  4. you have a great sense of style, also love your bangs, i have straight across bangs and love them!!


  5. What a great collection of outfits! I love your fashion sense.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. ellie gouldings cover was absolutely incredible! love it :-)

  7. I don't have a favorite!!! I love them all equally you look so pretty in every single one of them!!

    Happy 2012 doll..Best wishes on this new year.

    <3 Marina


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