Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Outfit "Daisy Duck"

Leggings - Zero/ Boots - Bata/ T-Shirt - Mango/ Jacket - Vero Moda

I found time to shot this pictures when the sun was still shinning. (Sorry Jelka, that's why I was late :))
It's so warm, really feels like spring. Now I kind of wish summer was approaching. I have too much work to do until then.
I bought this ponytail ring in the week before new year and I'm so in love with it. I want to wear my hair like this all the time :). It really looks a lot better and interesting than just a regular hair elastic.

p.s. I'm obsessed with this song. I really like Sia, she has such an interesting voice.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week so far!


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  1. That tshirt is so cute! I'm a sucker for anything Disney related haha :) I also love your riding boots!

    I saw your comment on my Drugstore haul - I love the Batiste dry shampoos, they work really well and you can now get ones for blonde or brunette hair so you don't get the powdery bits showing up in your hair :)

    Hannah xx

  2. How cute is your top! I love you ponytail ring it looks so much nice I havent seen any of those in Australia I may have to wait a while before I can get one.

  3. you are so good at layering and putting outfits together! the daisy duck T-shirt is so adorable!


  4. Love the top :) Go daisy duck!

    Talitha xx

  5. love that T - so cute!



  6. Love it so casual and chic. Love your side pony tail doll.

    <3 Marina


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