Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011

Goodbye 2011 and welcome 2012. I hope you all had an amazing new years eve party. Mine was more relaxing. Simon got sick so we stayed at home watching movies and eating way too much good food. It wasn't all crazy and fun like we've planned it to be but in my opinion it was exactly what I needed. It was perfect :)

I want to start this year with a bunch of pictures of what was going on in 2011.

The second picture has to be my favorite. We captured the most gorgeous sunset!

"Outfit shooting at the abandoned warehouse"
"There was some crafting"
"A lot of party's and celebrations"
"Oh and there was a lot of baking pastries"
 "Sacher cupcakes"
"and pies"
"I started and cured my Oreo addiction"
 "and a lot of new friendships"
 "And some more crafting"
"...and more"
 "There was some little trips"
 "And just walking around town"
 "We went to our favorite little island Rab"
"Can't wait to go back there again this year"
"A lot of photography sessions that I hope will continue in 2012"

Last year was very life changing for me, It was also very successful and a great year. 
I wanted to post my favorite outfits but the post would be to long, so if you would like to see a recap of my outfits from 2011, share your thoughts in the comments. I also wanted to share my favorite song from 2011 but I'm still deciding which one is a winner so maybe in another post.

But here is the song that started my year and it's currently in my head...

Thank you to my beautiful readers for reading my blog in 2011, thank you for the support. I'm excited of spending another year with you. Let's see what it brings.

Have a great start of the year, I wish you all the best!

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  1. That sunset picture really is gorgeous. I bet it was stunning in person! Happy New Year, love. Here's to 2012!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. lovely post! happy new year!


  3. That's awesome my New Years Eve was quiet as well. Great pictures!

  4. Happy New Year Lovely. I love that sunset photo it's beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous pictures and such an interesting post! Happy New Year Barby! <3 xxx

  6. Happy 2012 gorgeous!!!

    Love the sunset photo is truly stunning.

    <3 Marina


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