Friday, November 18, 2011

Outfit "Versace for H&M"

So this is it! :) Yesterday we had a really fun experience shopping at H&M. Like I said before I didn't shop at women's section. I was not so crazy about the collection but at men's section there was some things I wanted for my boyfriend. And I end up getting something for myself too. :) This nice little hat which I love love love.

What did you get? :)

Here is also yesterdays outfit, I had to wear my hat as soon as I bought it. :)

I want to wish you all a great weekend! I'm unfortunatelly sick so I will have to spend it inside in bed with tea in my hand.

I also want to remind you that tomorrow at midnight ends my giveaway, so you still have time to enter. :) The winner will be announced on Sunday 20.11.2011


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  1. Your hat is awesome and I abosutely adore your outfit X

  2. So jealous!! I couldn't make it because there were lines the day before and of course I was not about to drag my lil' guy to stand in line and spend the night in the cold so (wwwaaaaahhhh) totally missed out.

    Great hat girl and love the pics.

    <3 Marina

  3. aaaa že sam tale vrečka je božanska <3 drugač pa lucky, lucky you. jst na žalost nism mela časa za Versace borbo :/

  4. I didn't even know they had a hat <3
    ohh i'm on my way to ebay!


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