Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maison Martin Margiela Exhibition

Yesterday I went to see the exhibition of 23 years of Maison Martin Margiela. There where 23 different models showing fashion in 23 years. From year 1989 to 2011 you could really see how fashion was changing. In my opinion the pieces from 1989, 1990 were very nice and interesting. From 1991 to 2005 there was nothing too special, just boring in my opinion. Now and few years ago interesting pieces returned and I am really happy about that.

Among this collection there was also some models showing some amazing pieces from Slovenian very talanted designers.

Overall I was really impresed with the whole exhibition. So all my Slovenian readers I would really recomend you to go and see this exhibition. It will be there until 4th of December.


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Thank you to Projekt 27 for making this happen.
Pictures by: Rok Flego


  1. I love seeing how fashion has changed over the years, this sounds brilliant but a little to far for me to pop on over and have a look :)

  2. I love seeing fashion through the ages!

    Emma xx

  3. You have such a cool camera - I feel like I was there! Just stumbled across your post and killed about 20 minutes browsing your archives. Consider me your newest follower, gf. :)

    Hope the Thanksgiving holiday treated you well!

    xx Hallie

  4. Great exhibition. Love fashion through the years and great photos doll. Loving the effects on them.

    <3 Marina

  5. Wow the exhibition looks amazing! I'm so jealous xx

    Oh and don't forget to enter my Xmas Giveaway if you haven't already :)

  6. Cute exhibition dear! :) Great photos!
    If you like my blog and you wanna... we could followed each other! :)

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle


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