Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is such an interesting date. I just hope weather gets better because this grey days don't make my mood any better. I just wish for a little bit of sunshine.

Today I'm up so early, besides my dog I had to take care of my sisters dog and my neighbours cat. They all decided to leave me with their pets at the same time. But I don't mind, I love animals, I just don't like getting up so early :)
Now I just need a cup of black tea and I'm ready for the day.

Have a great day!
I'm sending rainbows to all of you ;) and happy weekend!


p.s. Just a reminder that you can still enter my giveaway for glittery collar, it ends next weekend.

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  1. These grey wintery days are really getting me down too :( Love the rainbow effect on this photo!
    Emma xx

  2. Awesome pictue, how did you do that amazing rainbow effect?

  3. hey!!!

    this photo you posted is so positive, i like it! yeah, yesterday was such an interesting one point, I was at a lecture which finished at 11am, and the lecturer said, "you will remember this day 11/11/11 when we finished lecture at 11am, and we all started laughing! university is great but i have loads of things to do!!! how are you doing with your studies?

    jos xx

  4. that photo is so cool!! love the effect! :)

  5. The picture is really cute! I love the rainbow effect :)

  6. This is one of the most gorgeous pics I seen in a very long time! Gorgeous girly.

    I'm an animal lover too...see that's why I adore YOU :)

    <3 Marina


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