Monday, October 31, 2011

Philips Fashion Week Day 2


"Gorgeous coat! Interesting material and I like that it's see through, perfect for spring!"


"There are two designers behind this creation. They used a very interesting accessorie "the mask" it gave that whole show a misterious feel to it. And I'm in love with this long shirt/dress and pink boots."

 Nataša Hrupič

"Her collection was probably one of my favorites, becuase she had a lot of different styles of shirts. I was totally blown away with this one because of the long sleves. From here looks like a cape but it's not. Don't have the picture to show you the back of it."

 Nataša Peršuh (Squat)

"Another amazing collection, this shirt/dress is beautiful, just look at those colors!"

 Nina Šušnjara

"She is another amazing designers, her collection is very interesting and beautiful. I was in love with this cape and the dress. Again It has a feel of a long shirt."

 Nina Šušnjara

"Another piece of her collection, gorgeous jumpsuit."

Zoran Garevski (Squat)

"I love this dress."

That's all from me on Fashion Week.

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Which one is your favorite piece?

Have a great start of the week! 

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  1. Looove this! :)

    Just so you know, you've won my giveaway! Yaaay! :)

    I've sent you an email so if you could get back to me with your address I'll have it off to you asap :)

  2. They are all gorgeous! Noticed you won the giveaway at The Beauty Corner. Congrats!

    I think you'll like my blog.

    Follow for follow?

    Xox Soph.

  3. I love the last dress such a classic look.

  4. the texture is fantastic! lovely pieces!

    jos xx

  5. Amazing collection is so flowly and sophisticated.

    <3 Marina


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