Friday, October 28, 2011

Philips Fashion Week Day 1

Fashion Week is over in fact It only lasted for two days but anyway we saw many amazing Slovenian designers. I'm so happy that we jumped on the Fashion Week wagon. Slovenia is a very small country and I think people here don't pay enough attention to fashion. To be a fashion designer in Slovenia you must work really really hard to succed because the market is really small. I think some of them really deserve more attention.

Here are some pieces of the various designers I liked from the first day of shows:

Aleksandra Brlan

First up is Aleksandra Brlan, there was one piece that I liked, you could call it a wedding dress but I think it's perfect for any occassion. What's wrong with wearing a veil to work? :)

Almira Sadar & Niti Niti
Almira Sadar & Niti Niti
 Almira Sadar & Niti Niti

Next is Almira Sadar and Niti Niti by Simona Muc. Niti Niti makes mostly wool products so it's a perfect brand to look at, at winter time. In this collection I really liked the hats and the sweaters. They look so fluffy and warm and cute at the same time. I must go and find that blue hat!
My favorite thing was the pom poms, they used them on almost every shoe. The models wore my favorite sneakers Startas and those pom poms really made them even more special.

 Firma Ljubljana
Firma Ljubljana

Next is Firma Ljubljana. I like this two pieces, especially the color combination of this mustard yellow and blue. Not a tipical combination. I also like the deatils of the first piece, I like how she used a different style of the collar.


Great combination of yellow and purple. The deatiling with the ruffles is very nice.

 Pletenine Draž
Pletenine Draž

Pletenine Draž are another very special brand who makes really amazing and unique clothes. These two were my favorite pieces. They also used a very interesting head piece. It looks like a bit net with shimmery threads.

These are just a few of my favorites of day one. So if you want to see the whole collection go and visit

I would love to hear your opinion on this, which one is your favorite piece and did anyone watch live stream of the shows?

Have a great weekend!

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