Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Can I dream about shoes?

penelope, pepper, hysteric, paranormal, tino (grey, black), acorn, angeles, pumpkin (purple, teal), pump it up (blue, mustard)

These days have been very busy and stressful so I've been trying to do the things that always make me happy and shopping is one of them. Since I love to shop on line my first stop is always Asos and they never dissapoint. I've been looking at their new and old collection of shoes. I always end up with too much stuff in my "save for later" list. Since I can't buy them all I can still dream right? So let's dream about shoes.

What are you dreaming of lately?


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  1. Im going to be dreaming about them as well now, they are all hot!

  2. I seem to be dreaming about food lately - think it's the change in weather!! XXX

  3. ooh love these! Especially the glittery shoes I can always have more room for glitter shoes! xo -Taj

  4. oh wow, the first ones are my fave :) gorgeous!

    Talitha xx

  5. shoes are my drugs too! I'm trying to save for Versace at H&M but it's hard, I have to stop visiting Asos and Topshop! I can stop buying shoes when I want...such a huge lie! ;)


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