Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zara fall 2011 must haves

Been browsing through Zara and found many things for fall that I like. I will not buy them all, but hopefully a few of them will end up in my closet. I really want that blue coat! I've been wanting one in that color from last winter and I must get one now. And I really like the design of this one. It's very classic and the collar has an interesting cut. Another thing are shoes, little leopard booties and the second boots. Love them. I also really like the leather collar and kind of remind me of the one I made this weekend.

Can't wait for fall and winter to come. As you know summer is not my favorite season.
But I will keep the colors. :)

How do you like the new Zara collection?


P.S. What do you think of the new header of First Blue Shoes? I would really appreciate your thoughts about it.

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  1. hey!!!

    i love the new "blog", i mean i really like the font you're using and i'm also in love with the new header. however i would take away the grey writing and leave just the blue one (with the black and pink writing obviously) :)

    i've been saying I need to go to zara all summer! i haven't been there for a very long time! now i need to buy something for the next season - just like you i really want a blue coat like the one you posted because the colour is really beautiful! i'm gonna check the website online and check out more what's in store!

    jos xx

  2. Great layout missy, and great trends. My fav would be the gold heels, the comfy slouch tops and the gorgeous blue coat.

    We have Zara in Australia, but our range of clothes are different to elsewhere, plus I think they are over-priced here.

    Oh, btw, loved your DIY leather collar necklace.

    Talitha xx

  3. Can't wait for this collection to come to Australia. I'd take home almost every piece mentioned here.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

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