Monday, August 1, 2011

Blue skies and blue dresses

Dress H&M (old)/ Necklace (old)/ Bag Asos/ Shoes Tchibo/ Sunglasses Bershka

Yesterday was sunny and warm enough to wear a dress. Yay! I have this dress for some years now and I still love it because of it's color and because it's very comfy. It's very simple and I love clothes like this. You can accessories it and do what ever you like with it. To have a dress like this in your closet is a must. 
I've added a simple necklace that was from my mom. Simple and summery outfit. :)

How was your weekend?

I had a very relaxing weekend so here's to a new week and a new month! 
Hope you had a great start of the week/month. 


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  1. You look so bright and summery, I love the colour of your dress.

  2. You look so gorgeous in blue shades :) And it was warm and toasty on my weekend also - especially yesterday (Monday)! I was even wearing a singlet top haha.

    Great choice pairing the pretty blue with the nude handbag

  3. I love your dress honey!!!! You look absolutely adorable.

    <3 Marina

  4. yay! you look so beautiful in these pics, you def should post more images of yourself!!! the blue dress is stunning and the necklace and bag go perfect with it!

    btw, just curious, did you cut your hair?

    jos xx

  5. Hi dear, thanks you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, your blog is lovely and I have to say the dress is amazing, I like everything about it, the length, the color, the shape, they are all perfect and you look great and the cookies from your last post look yummy!. I'm a new follower! Hope you'll follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  6. Beautiful- you look great in blue! I love simple pieces too. I buy all of these clothes, but its dresses like this that I wear over and over again.

    Thanks for stopping by today. If you have time I would love it if you stopped by AGAIN and commented on how you would style your favorite bow blouse. Sorry..but my earlier post didn't include the text and I would love to hear how you would style one. Skinny jeans, shorts, skirt??


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