Friday, July 29, 2011

Fruits and summer

It's Friday and it's sunny can you believe that? :D

I've been so busy lately working and with some papers for school that I hadn't got the time to do some outfit posts or any post. I've been missing it so much and missing you of course. :) So now I'm back with regular posting.

Today I leave you with this gorgeous picture from one of my favorite summer fruit melon.
Which is your favorite summer fruit?

And also would like to thanks to Jos from My Pretty Pink Journal for passing me this cute award! It is the cutest!

 Write seven facts about yourself:

- I don't like watermelon (the red one :))
- We have two dogs, one is my sisters and her bf and one is mine and my bf and they are both Chihuahuas (A boy and a girl) :)
- On of my favorite movies when I was a teenager was Legally Blonde. I watched it all the time. :)
- I'm afraid of spiders. EEEkkkkkk
- I used to hate the color red. Now I kind of like it.
- I'm afraid of the sea if I can't see the bottom :/
- I have two cousins that I have never seen in my life other than on Skype. They live in America and I've never been there. Wishing to go there and visit them soon :(

Answer these questions:
Favorite color: Pink and blue can't decide
Favorite song: Hard one.... hmmm. .... Daniel Bedingfield - If your not the one
Favorite dessert: Waffles with chocolate ice cream
What is p*ssing you off: Right now the weather. It doesn't feel like summer at all.
When I'm upset: I go and bake something. With chocolate!!
Favorite pet: Dog
Black and white: Oreo cookie? Yes please.
Biggest fear: To lose the people I love.
Best feature: My hair.
Everyday attitude: Overall I try to be happy and optimistic.
What is perfection: To be successful in what you do.
Guilty pleasure: McDonalds.

Thank you Jos!! Sending you a big hug. And don't forget to check out her awesome giveaway here.

I'm passing this award on to:

Matter Of Style
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TTime Chatter
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Green Tea and Cupcakes

Have a great weekend my sunshines!

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  1. it's nice to have you back..i've missed you! haha, it was funny of you to post a picture of water melons and than admit that you don't like them! do you know that i was actually gonna post something similar but with red water melons instead?! love the fact that we have lots of things in common!

    jos xx

  2. oh really? you won't believe me but i had to actually go into google and search for the right word to say for the red one because i'm so used in callin them in maltese haha - the red one (watermelon) is called dulliegha (read dulliha), while the orange one (melon) is called bettieha...such funny words in maltese! Lubenica is actually cute, it almost sounds like a name!

    jos xx

  3. Ha! I'm totally the same with the ocean, If I can't touch the bottom I don't want any part of it.

  4. Thanks for the award lovely I will post it soon.

  5. Aw thanks for the award hun! I will add this to my next post :)

    I just don't like the ocean, a fear of sharks mainly, so I go as deep as my knees hehe. And totally agree on the McDonalds - yum!

    Talitha xx

  6. Congratulations doll on this very well deserved Blog Award!! and hey melon is one of my favorite summer fruits too! :)

    Thank you sooo much for sharing such beautiful award with me too. :)

    <3 Marina


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