Thursday, June 9, 2011

What was I wearing: Leopard and white

Hat H&M, Shirt H&M, Jeans Only, Bag Asos, Shoes Startas, Necklace by T Time Chatter

Yesterday we went to our favorite pizza place. I was craving for pizza for a long time so it was good :D We also did a little shopping and I finally found Ben &Jerry's ice cream! Yay! I wanted to try that ice cream for so long but I just could find it here. So yesterday I did and  got my Chunky Monkey! It's really good :) Happy me!

So now to the outfit, it was raining all day until we decided to go out and the sun stared to shine! It's still not warm enough to wear dresses....:/ And I think I'm wearing that hat way to often :)

Have a great day sunshines!


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  1. look at you! sooo adorable!!! love everything you're wearing especially the hat! i think it really suits you! I would love to taste Ben and Jerry's ice-cream as well, but at the moment i'm too addicted with Mcdonalds range of ice-creams!!!
    it has been quite an ugly week as well ...however thank god the sun started shining again! fingers crossed! I'd probably wear a dress in the weekend!

    jos xx

  2. i really really looove your clutch! wow

  3. You look super cute in these pics and I love the hat.

  4. I love the bright blue of your clutch :) great outfit !

    Talitha xx


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