Saturday, June 4, 2011

Protect your skin

I think we've all been sunburned and our parents always told us we must protect our skin with sun cream before we go out on the sun. But we never listen, forget or just don't care. The looks are more important to us.
But until we are older we can see what did the sun made to our skin. It looks older and wrinkled or worse we can get skin cancer.
We've all heard this before but never really listen. But last month my very close friend lost her father because of skin cancer (melanoma), it spread all over his body and they discovered it too late. And he never really exposed to the sun. It was really sad and hard to listen and to see what the family went through.
But until it happens to someone you know or it's close to you, I think you don't realize how true this really is and that could happen to anyone.

Today I came across this video and really wanted to share and tell you this how important is that you protect your skin.
There are many other ways to get your tan.

Be smart!

Have a great weekend.

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  1. I love, love, love the sun but always make sure I use a high factor sun screen xx

  2. i know it's really bad to get sunburnt, however I don't seem to care when I'm at the beach! I'm so fond of the sun, I apply sun-cream once and that's it. It's totally wrong. I will try my best this summer :)

    jos xx


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