Friday, June 24, 2011

Beauty: Beautiful and healthy nails

I stumbled across this article on Elle Slovenia about how to achieve beautiful nails in just nine easy steps. I think this is a basic thing you must do to have nice nails.

1. Cutting:
If your nails are to long, use nail scissors and cut them to the length you want before using your nail files. Just be careful that the length will be the same on every nail.

2. Filing:
Use a nail file to make the shape right. The best nail file is the crystal file, if you don't have it file your nail in only one direction or you might damage your nail.

3. Smoothing:
If you want your nail polish to last longer you must first smooth your nail with appropriate nail file.

4. Softening cuticle:
If you don't have excess cuticle on your nails, you nails will look better and you will be able to apply nail polish better. First you must soften your skin with cuticle cream.

5. Push back:
After applying cuticle cream use the stick and push back your skin.

6. Protection:
Before you apply nail polish use a nail cream or oil and rub it well into your nails. This will care and protect your nails.

7. Care:
With well cared nails there should be well cared hands. So use a hand cream or oil and rub it well into your hands.

8. Warming:
If your hands are really damaged then you should apply thick layer of cream or oil and put on a glove and leave it over night.

9. Nail polish:
Final step is to put on a nail polish in any color you want.

Elle Slovenia

I hope this helps you to achieve those beautiful and healthy nails.

I'm still deciding which color should I paint my nails today. Blue or Grey?

 I wish you all a great weekend and happy Friday!
 (Here it's raining again)


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  1. these tips are awesome! i love long nails, but i keep biting mine!

    i would paint them blue!

    jos xx

  2. I've always cut mine with nail clippers! Go for blue ;) xxx

  3. If you could see how bad my nail polish looks right now you would be horrified. I should have removed it days ago.


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