Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feather earrings

Feather earring: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Don't ask me why but I had a dream about turquoise feather earrings. I really don't know why, maybe I saw them somewhere and don't remember.
I was looking for feather earrings for some time now but don't know if they would look good on me!? I usually wear my hair down and because they are long I would really need big ones to actually see them :)

What do you think of them?


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  1. the pink and orange ones are amazing!love them.i'm thinking about getting one for myself ;)

  2. wow these are lovely!! I would recommend nice long ones :) my favourites are the brown and white...and also the blue ones!!!

    with regards to the movie you mentioned, I've seen Chocolat, it's the one with Johnny Depp, right? I absolutely love that movie! i don't watch that much tv either, i prefer internet :)

    jos xx

  3. Those ones in the first photo are well cool - get some of them!!! XX

  4. I love the blue ones, so bright and fun.

  5. If you wore some really bright ones they wouldnt necessarily have to be big feathers. Just enough so you catch a glimpse through your hair, or so they stand out when you flick your hair behind your ears :)

    Talitha xx


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