Monday, April 11, 2011

Balloons in the sky

It's Monday again..ahhh that means lot's of studying for me. I already made myself some yummy Cookie almond tea for a good start. Yesterday was such a nice sunny day, I was trying to get some tan so I was lying on the sun and eating ice cream all day :D fun fun fun. The weekend went by too fast.

Today I just want so show you some pictures from past two weeks. There were a lot of birthday party's going on, and a lot of BBQ.

I made the first cake...the second cake was made in pastry may look better but I think mine tasted better :D They were both chocolate cherry flavor. This cake is soo easy to make and it's the best cake ever.

This week I will made a tutorial on how to make those friendship bracelets, so check back. :)

This beautiful balloons remind me again of the song by Owl City - Hot Air Balloon

This video has the cutest pictures :D

I hope you enjoy your weekend and let's hope this week will be great as well.

Happy Monday!


  1. oh you,tempting me with chocolate on monday morning,the day everyone tries to start a diet!
    don't worry i already ruined my diet on my own,i had a fruit cake with pastry cream for breakfast!

  2. Love those shots of the balloons and cute is that song :)

  3. Great photos - love simple shots like this :) xx

  4. Yum - actually reckon your cake looks better :) Just found your blog, think it's brilliant, so I'm following. Hope you do the same :O)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sorry for deleting Dunno what happened :/ - THANKS for your lovely comment on my blog - following you now- have a sweet day.
    A xxxx

  7. I just found your adorable blog! lovin' it! One of my best friends loves cherry and chocolate and I would love to try your cake for her :)

    come take a look-see at my blog, hope you'll stop by :)

  8. hi!!!

    i'm happy that your weekend was great like mine was :) that chocolate cake looks so yummy!! Love all the pics you posted!!!!!!!

    you've been my inspiration in loving the BLUE colour and now you're making me fall in love with Owl City!! such a nice song!!

    talk to you soon,
    jos xx

  9. Nice pics love and can't wait for tutorial


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