Friday, April 29, 2011

I would wear today: Hats and Blues

Dress ModCloth/ Hat Asos/ Shoes Asos/ Bag French Connection via Asos

I would wear this beautiful blue dress with this cute hat (I forgot to tell you that I bought the hat that I was talking to you about from H&M, will show you pictures with another clutch I bought for FAA). I love that the dress pops out with this bright colour and combining it with this neutral accessories and with the look of neutral materials. I wish it was sunny today...ahhh that rain!

Today was such a happy and emotional day because of the wedding! I think everyone agree that it was just amazing and beautiful, like a fairytale. Congrats to William and Kate!

This is a good start of the weekend filed with love so I want to wish you a great weekend my sunshines.


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recipe: Sacher Cupcakes

I hope this recipe isn't too confusing. But it's really easy to make even if you are not good at baking I sure you can do this!
There is also one thing I just remembered I add but forgot to write it on the I put one piece of chocolate in every cup. First you must pour it into the cup and then put a piece on top of it. I think it gives that extra chocolate flavor.

"Mix butter and sugar"

 "Add grated chocolate, yolks and two spoons of cocoa"

 "Prepare your cups! I love this colored ones, they look so happy :)"

 "They are ready to be baked"

 "Freshly baked!"

 "Spread the jam and chocolate over the top, I used three different jams."

 "Sprinkle with chocolate"

 "Ready to eat, I think they taste better when they are still warm"

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments bellow or in my email (you can find it on top of the right side of the blog).

Bon apetite!


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P.s. check out this fun giveaway here, and hurry up because it ends tomorrow.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day's still so small, can't wait till it grows bigger so we can eat some cherry's yum! :)

Today is Earth Day so think "green" today! Try to do something good for our planet and wear something green :)

 This picture is so beautiful!! All the sky was blue and all of a sudden here comes this biiiig cloud, just had to take a picture.

  And can't forget the cake...I love homemade cakes :)...this one is with pineapple.

I wish you all a happy weekend, full of good food and don't forget to colour you eggs :) 


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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Yesterday and I was playing with a program called Lightroom a little just figuring out how it works. This pictures were made by phone so they are in really bad quality but I wanted to add a little colour to it. (The first and third picture are not edited). So you can see on the second picture that the colours are much brighter and it's more sharp. I'm not good at it yet but hopefully will get better soon :)
Although I prefer natural/raw pictures rather than edited ones because it's more natural and gives that genuine feeling.

This is what I wore few weeks ago when me and Simon went to watch the final presentation of the year of Ballet and Modern Dances. The show was so amazing, there were children from 6  to 20+ years dancing. The whole costumes, the music and the lights everything was just so amazing. I love watching ballet, I used to dance ballet when I was younger but then I quit for unknown reasons...I guess I wasn't ready for it :/ I regret it now.

So the third picture is from the center of the city in the very early morning. Even the sun didn't get up yet :)

I also wanted to show you this song that it's on repeat right now....It's so beautiful. I love the video as well, love how they are dancing.

P.S. I just found out that I've won a giveaway!! Yaaay :D Will show you what it is when I will receive it.

Have a great day my sunshines!!


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunshine award

Ok...I can't believe I got another award from my dear reader/friend Joss from My Pretty Pink Journal!! This girl is amazing and such an inspiration.

I'm soo happy to receive the Sunshine Award!

Here are the rules:
1) Thank the person who gave you the award;
2) Write a post about it;
3) Pass it on to 12 blogs that you think really deserve it;
4) Insert the link to their blog;
5) Send them a message to tell them about it:

I want to give this to everyone because everybody deserves and needs sunshine!!

...another thing I wanted to tell you is about this great OPI giveaway going on here. I must participate because I don't have any OPI nail polishes and I would love to try it. :)

Have a great day my sunshines!

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P.S. And I can't forget to mention about the Free Fashiolista Stickers that you can get here. I've ordered mine yesterday, I think they are so cute and they were talking about a contest and that we will need those stickers...ok fine with me :D


Monday, April 18, 2011

I would wear today: Minty feathers

Shoes Asos - DV By Dolce Vita / Bracelet Asos / Dress ModCloth / Bag Asos / Belt Asos

This is something I would wear today but probably I would freeze because it's still not warm enough to wear a dress without tights.
The first I noticed was this minty green shoes and that cute yellow bag...I think those colors look great together, the outfit is fun and colorful. :) I'm also in love with feathers right now and I'm searching for a good earrings, necklace or just a headband or something like that. I found a cute necklace at H&M and I will probably go back and get it :)

This weekend I bought five new nail polishes....I could say I'm addicted to them right now :) The colors I bought are all sooo pretty and summery. I will show it to you tomorrow.
The only nail polish I am looking for right now is that silver hologram, but I can't find it anywhere in the stores :(
If anyone knows where I can get them online, please let me know.

Happy Monday and great start of the week my sunshines!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

I've been tagged

Lovely Jenn from Little Living Things tagged me in this handwriting game. At first I hesitated because I hate my writing :D But then I decided that it's fun and do here it is....
All you have to do is write the answers to this questions on a piece of paper so everyone can see your handwriting.

Here are the questions:

1. Name/blog name
2. Blog URL
3. Copy "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
4. Favorite quote
5. Favorite song
6. Something you say all the time
7. Favorite artist or band
8. Friends whose handwriting you'd like to see!

The picture is blurry and I don't know why...maybe because it was taken by phone... :/ I hope you will be able to read....if not tell me and I will do another one :)

I want to leave it open to everyone so please if you decide to make this tell me I would love to read your answers. :)

Here is also the song by Anna Nalick - Breathe (2am)

...and the remix version by Blake Jarrell

They are both bad quality but I just didn't find one that would work...every time it said it was erased or something. So I hope you will be able to listen to them. And if you can find a better version, that would be even better.
I was trying to buy a vinyl record but it was sold out so I hope I will find it somewhere soon. This song is so beautiful and really makes be happy every time I listen to it.
I hope you will love it too :)

Let me know what you think, I would love to hear your opinion.
And don't forget to participate in this handwriting game :) it's fun.

And also if you missed yesterdays post....check out this great video by Lauren and Julie from Born&Bread. You can also sign up for their amazing GIVEAWAY.

Have a nice weekend sunshines!


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun Shopping

Today I wanted to show you this fun video by Lauren & Julie from Born&Bread it includes amazing outfits and a reminder how fun it is shopping with your best friend :) Watching this makes me wanna go shopping right now. :D

They were invited by the Time Warner Center to take part in their new section of Fashion Blogger Forecast to create two outfits. Those two girls have amazing style and their blog is really great so If you haven't already check them out here.

So here is the video:

Also sign up for their amazing giveaway here.

Wish I was living in the New York city....ahh a girl can dream right? :)

Have a nice day....weekend is almost here :D So be happy!


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I would wear today: Orange Shoes

Shirt Asos / Shoes Zara / Shorts Mango from Asos / Hat Forever21

Right now I'm in love with the combination of Blue and Orange. Looking through Zara I found these gorgeous orange shoes!! I'm totally in love. I would wear them right now with combination with dark blue or white. I think it looks so fresh. I would also add this little cute hat :) I really want one. Yesterday I almost bought one at H&M, it was very similar to this one except the strap was leopard, I would much prefer it was blue like this one. Must search some more :)

I already have shoes very similar to this one, they are blue of course and also from Zara :) so all I have to do is find an orange shirt and I'm ready to go.

What do you think of this combination?


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Monday, April 11, 2011

Balloons in the sky

It's Monday again..ahhh that means lot's of studying for me. I already made myself some yummy Cookie almond tea for a good start. Yesterday was such a nice sunny day, I was trying to get some tan so I was lying on the sun and eating ice cream all day :D fun fun fun. The weekend went by too fast.

Today I just want so show you some pictures from past two weeks. There were a lot of birthday party's going on, and a lot of BBQ.

I made the first cake...the second cake was made in pastry may look better but I think mine tasted better :D They were both chocolate cherry flavor. This cake is soo easy to make and it's the best cake ever.

This week I will made a tutorial on how to make those friendship bracelets, so check back. :)

This beautiful balloons remind me again of the song by Owl City - Hot Air Balloon

This video has the cutest pictures :D

I hope you enjoy your weekend and let's hope this week will be great as well.

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Seeing Friendship Bracelets

I've been seeing a lot of these friendship bracelets and remembered how we used to make this when we were younger. That was a lot of fun making them, so I decided to make me some and wear it this summer. I think bright colors would look even better with a tan. :) I also think it looks great when mixing them with other bracelets and watches. The fun part is that you can mix any color you want :) and they are really easy to make, except those hard and tricky ones, I only do the simple stripe or V shaped. I'm also thinking of doing these...

 Pictures taken from: and Oraclefox

...aren't they cute :) 

Yesterday I already made one with some fun and bright colors. Will show it in another post with a little tutorial if you have forgotten how to make one. 

Will you be wearing them?

I'm wearing mine right now and it makes me happy every  time I look at my hand :) yaaay. 

Have a fun weekend sunshines!!


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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two awards


Thank you to sweet Joss for awarding me these two awards. If you haven't already you must check out her amazing blog with the most amazing stories that she writes. She really is talented.

Award number 1.

Five facts about me:

1. I have my Nutella moments and eat it with a spoon. (Thanks Joss for reminding me :))
2. I love playing games on Xbox :)
3. I'm currently in love with hats. Must buy one. (I almost bought one few days ago at Zara in men's section, is that weird?...and yes it was blue if you were wondering.)
4.  I prefer veggies over fruit.
5. Can't live without my Ipod!

Award number 2.

I will pass these two awards to:



Matter of Style

One of my favorite songs at the moment: Breanne Düren - Daydream (Owlcity remix)

I'm in love with the Owl City music! :)

Have a nice day sunshines,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DIY: Clutch

Finally I found time to make this....clutch :)
I first saw the American Apparel brown laptop bag....but they don't sell it here so I decided to make one myself and also I found this easy tutorial here. It's really easy to make.
Mine is a little different as you can see I've put my zipper a little lower on the side because it's looks much better to me and It's easier to open it. I also changed the colour of the zipper, first I had a black one but then I've found the bright yellow one and I think it really gives that extra to the bag. I also put the stitches over the zipper on the outside so it looks better.

I thought of doing bright green but like you know I've wanted this clutch so I decided to make pink and similar to this one. And that's why I choose that blue one here.

I love it soo much. Maybe it's a little too time I will try to do a bigger one. :) ..and a different colour.

oh...and I also did a little bag for my phone...I had a black one and it was hard to find it in my it's pink and much easier to find in all that mess that is going on in there :D

What do you think? Will you make one?


Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday

 My favorite start of the day (Black Tea with Coconut and Vanilla flavor with Rice milk)

 Beautiful Spring (Flowers and Sun shinning)

 My favorite end of the day (Home made bread with cheese, coco with rice milk and a good book)

 Traveling Saturday (Beautiful sunny day)

 My favorite colours right now (My new clutch with my orange nails)

 ...and my pink pants :)

and some fun bracelets....with cupcakes :)

I would like to apologize for not posting for a few days now but I stayed away from the computer as much as possible. The sun was shinning and it was soo nice outside that I just couldn't be inside and sit at the computer. The BBQ's don't seem to stop.... :) yaaay...I love picnics :) 
These weekend was also Simon's (bf) birthday and there was a lot of food, drink and fun fun fun. :) 

I posted some pictures of the past week. (Sorry for the bad quality, they were taken by phone).

Happy Monday and I wish you all a great week.