Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maybe it's pink

Hello PINK! Can you believe it that it's not blue :) hehehe....
This is the fabric that I bought yesterday, it's fake leather. The quality is soo good, it's really soft, heavy and thick.
The store where I bought it had soo many beautiful fabrics. I think I'm going to be back soon :)

So here it's just a preview of the fabric....you can now guess what is it going to be :)

Will any of you be doing a DIY? Please share with us :)

Have a nice sunny day,


  1. Hi!!

    Thanks for your lovely comments!! I really appreciate :) yes, i should post more outfits...in fact i'm thinking about it, maybe next week :) Woow I really like this colour you bought!! It looks soo comfy! that's like my absolute, favourite colour - can't wait for your DIY!! I did DIYs - very simple scarfs, which i no longer wear!!

    jos xx

  2. i think you should totally do the clutch you haven't bought, the pink one,this way you would have a new fab bag and i would have been guessing right :P
    btw this fabric is fab!!

  3. WOW! Im so jealous of this fabric, I just got my mum to make me a pouch bag the other night. Unfortunately my local fabric shop doesnt have a great range of colours, but i did manage to get a really nice red/burgundy colour. Ill hopefully do a post on it soon! I cannot wait to see yours, im desperately now on the search for some cool colours of leather, yellow maybe!
    Good luck!:)



  4. Gorgeous colour I agree with "Matter of Style" I think your going to make a clutch or some sort of bag. Cant wait to find out what it will be.

  5. Hmmm, could you be making a rather wonderful clutch a la Andy style?! If your not, you won't know what I'm going on about!! xxx

  6. I'm leaning more towards a bag, but the zipper has me confused :)

    Can't wait to see what you make !

  7. Hi,
    come to my blog, there's a gift for you :)

    jos xx


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