Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Liebster blog Award!

Yesterday was really one special day. Among other things I got another award from my lovely reader Jos from My pretty-pink journal
I was really happy to see that some of you like to read my posts. I really am happy that I've stared this whole thing because it really makes me so happy and excited that now I can share the things I love, find, tried.... with you.


So the rules for accepting this award are:

The blogs that I choose are:
1. TheButtonBoxx 
2. Gawgusthings 
3. Green Tea and Cupcakes 
4. A Fashion Love Affair 
5. Ttimechatter 

So here are some of the newest blogs I've recently discovered. They are great so check them out.

Thank you again Jos!!**

Hope you all have a nice sunny day! 



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