Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you to Joss from My Pretty Pink Journal for passing this award to me. She is such a talented girl. If you haven't already you must check out her blog because  I'm sure you will love her little stories that she writes as much as I do. Fingers crossed for a book :)

The Rules:

1.) Link 10 blogs
2.) Tell this bloggers for the award
3.) Write 10 facts about yourself

I will pass this award on these following bloggers (in no particular order):

I heart this blog
Born & Bread
Give Live Love Life
Mona is a Pirate
Juliet's Pen
Fashion Fabrice
The Fashion Pirate

The facts about me:

1. Till one year ago I didn't like cooking, I mean I could hardly bake an egg, but now I love it, especially baking.
2. I would die without tea :)
3. I love to travel
4. Want to learn Chinese
5. I prefer veggies over meat
6. I try to eat healthy
7. My favorite color is actually not blue, I have so many favorite colors that I can't pick just one.
8. I love high heels but don't wear it (anymore)
9. Love to sleep
10. I'm so sentimental, I cry at almost every movie, cartoon :)

I still haven't bought fabric for my DIY project...I've been so busy. But I will this week, I promise :)

Thank you again to Joss and to everyone of my dear readers I am soo happy when I read your lovely comments!




  1. you deserve it! Thanks for the sweet compliment! New story today :)) love your comments and suggestions! Loved reading your facts! Me too, I'm soo sentimental over movies :)

  2. Aww thank you very much! You're so sweet!

  3. thanky youu so much, you make my bday!:)

  4. Barby! This is amazing- thank you so much : ) I'm like you- like baking, but not an amazing chef.

  5. Congratulations girl!! very well deserve it!!


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