Monday, March 21, 2011

Can you guess?

First Asos/ Second Asos/ Third Asos/ Fourth Asos/ Fifth Asos
Yesterday I finally bought a clutch....I wanted one with an amazing color and it must be big...I think little bags or purses don't look good on me.
So to make things interesting I've put together some of my favorites together and let you guess which one I bought. The order must be here until March 31 so you'll have to wait for the results till then :) start guessing :)

Happy first day of spring!! I hope it's filled with sunny days and less rain :)

P.S. Today I will go shopping for some fabric so if I'm lucky and find what I'm looking for expect a DIY project this week.


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  1. This one is hard as all these bags are cute. Now the little i know you, I guess you would go for the blue or orange one...but I totally like the red one, and so I have to say - you bought the red one! Am I right? Guess I have to wait till the 31st!

    have a nice day,
    jos xx

  2. I've got the pink one and it's gorgeous, so I'm hoping you got the same as me!! Can't wait for your DIY project :) xxx

  3. I like pink and yellow

  4. I love the yellow one as I have a thing for yellow at the moment but I think you got the blue one. Did I guess right?????

  5. I think you got the blue or orange one. If I have to pick one I think the blue one.
    Cute blog!
    Want to follow each other?

  6. I love the red bag !!! It's so hot !

  7. come to my blog, there's a gift for you :)

    jos xx

  8. This is fun! All of these are fab, can't wait to see which one you bought!!
    OXO Natalie


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