Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Blue One

So many of you have been guessing which bag I bought (here) and some of you guessed it. Yaay for Green tea and Cupcakes and Fashuhneestah. You girls guessed it.

I bought the BLUE one. I was soo happy when I received the package yesterday. So you found out almost one week sooner. But there was one problem....when I opened the package I didn't saw the beautiful BLUE bag but I saw a turquoise...I was like omg!!! Sooo disappointed... :(
I can't believe how can the picture made it blue....So I made some pictures and on my pictures looked blue as can this be? In real life it's not blue at all!'s more green than blue...really!
But anyway I was happy because it was still so beautiful and the quality is amazing for that price so overall I am soo very happy!! :)

Next time I should pay more attention of what the description said. And it said turquoise. Ok.

I also bought a new nail polish from Catrice. They had a new collection full of pastels and shiny violets. So many beautiful colours. I wanted a bright colour so I bought a peachy creamy pastel one. It's called Apropos Apricot. I love it! I just had to get used to it, it's so bright.

Tell me you opinion, I would love to hear from you. :)

p.s. If anyone is interested....I finally found the fabric so I hope on Monday I will buy it....finally! Fingers crossed.



  1. I love it! its so perfect for spring.. i want it!

  2. I think the turqoise colour is pretty!

  3. the blue one!!! I should have guessed it!! Asos items can be really tricky at times, because the pic shows one item and then the description tells another. Once it happened to me, when I bought a necklace. I wanted it silver, the picture was silver but when it arrived gold..i was so shocked and disappointed that i returned it back haha.
    i was going to ask you about the fabric. can't wait to see your DIY!

    jos xx

  4. Great Choice girly..It was my favorite!! YAY.

  5. Doh! How did I not guess it would be the BLUE one!!! It's gorgeous :) xx

  6. Love the bag & that fab polish B!! OXO Natalie


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