Thursday, February 24, 2011

Versatile blog award

I don't know really what to say but thank you so much to Chloe and  Jos for giving me this award!! I'm super excited that I got two awards in same day from two of my dear readers! and I'm so happy to see that someone actually reads and likes my blog! Yaaay :) you girls really made my day.
Please go check out their blog, I know you will love it as much as I do.

So I've read that there are some rules to this and they go like this:
Hmm... the seven things about me:
  • I'm afraid of the hairdresser!!
  • I drink Green tea everyday. (you should too, it's very healthy and prevents many diseases)
  • I love winter more than the summer. I don't like the heat.
  • Until last year I hated cooking and try to stay away from the kitchen as much as possible but now I love it so much especially baking some good chocolaty stuff :)
  • When I was much younger I loved listening to Mariah Carey, I wanted to buy all of her cd's, I think I did...but now I don't even remember when was the last time I listen to one of her songs. No I do was this Christmas, one of her new songs was constantly on the radio.
  • I love buying vinyl records of my favorite songs, I think they are a classic.
  • I'm studying three different languages at the same's really confusing. I really really want to learn Chinese. 
So now on the next part....15 is a big number and I recently didn't discover that many new blogs so I'm going to name only the ones I have and I think they deserve more attention. (in no particular order)

Tatiana - LoveLifeLace
Matter of Style,  
Kat - Katslovefashion

P.S. That gold thing that I've mentioned here will have to wait for tomorrow. I hope you will check back again.




  1. i like your blog, if you want we can be followers

  2. aww congrats on getting the award!! you totally deserve it!
    thank you sooo much for passing it on to me :)
    you are sooo sweet! ^-^
    thats so cool that you are learning 3 languages right now! which 3 are you learning?

  3. i´m your new follower

  4. I just got an award like this also. Congrats :)

  5. hi barbie, thanks a lot for giving me this award, i've never been awarded before :D
    It's a good idea to share more of us and the blogs we found :)
    So you're afraid of the hairdresser,why?
    Do you imagine edward scissor hands cutting all of your hair overnight? :P
    hairdressers have this terrible habit, they always want to cut hair more than you want,isn't it? :)

  6. i totally agree,mine always want to cut my hair short and don't want to dye my hair blond plus i have to stay hours to the hairdresses. I say to him:if only i could leave my head here you could fix my hair while i'm doing something else.

  7. congrats on the award :) you have a wonderful blog and g great blog! good luck with all the languages! i can speak chinese and french but i want to learn russian! maybe we could follow each other if you like!

    love, M

  8. congrats :)

    2 new posts

  9. Thank you so much darling!! You're so sweet! xoxo


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