Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentines day gift ideas

Pictures taken from: ModCloth

1. Boat Party Cardi - $109,99
2. Love Notes Valentine's Mailing Set - $24,99
3. Waking Up Wisely Mug - $17,99
4. Cutensils Cutlery Set - $29,99
5. Jewelry Doesn't Grow on Trees Stand - $18,99

Looking through ModCloth I found these adorable presents for V day. This post is more for boys then to get an idea for you girls, right? :)

So anyway I really think you should check out their page here ModCloth, there are so many things that I think are the most cutest thing ever so it's hard to choose. I put up only a few things that I like and would be happy to have them :)

You still have a week left so don't worry, no need to hurry. Later this week I'm thinking of doing a post of an outfit for V day? Interested?

Hope you have the best day!


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  1. Beautiful & cute stuff

    Love minnja



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