Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Mermaid

Pictures taken from ModCloth

1. Sweet and Saltwater Dress - $89.99
2. Clothes Seahorse Necklace - $19.99
3. Retrograde Braid Bracelet - $15.99
4. Consideration Cardigan - $54.99
5. Eye in the Sky Heel - $144.99

It looks like everybody wants the Spring to come. So looking through my favorite website ModCloth I saw this dress and fall in love. It reminds me of mermaid and the sea so I thought I'd make an outfit. It's very spring/summer and It's making me want the spring to come as well, as you know I'm a winter girl.

Now I'm going to listen to one of my favorite songs from Owl City, It's perfect for this outfit - YouTube.



  1. i adore this look and your whole blog!
    please check out mine and maybe follow me back? :)


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