Monday, February 21, 2011

London Fashion Week - Fall 2011 Temperley London

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The first thing about the Tempreley show is that the whole scene was gorgeous, I loved the big stairs where models were standing at the end. I also loved the big runway, it looked something special and not something we are used to see at fashion shows. 
So the second and the most important thing was the whole collection of the designer. It was beautiful and sexy. All of the models wore red lips, I really like that. Maybe I should encourage myself and try it on me.
My favorite piece is the big white poncho on the fourth picture above. I love love love it so much, I wish we could skip to fall winter again. I know I know you all want spring...but not me, maybe just for one day :) or a week :)
My second favorite thing were the shoes....I mean OMG those sexy black shoes with GOLD heel! They were breath taking. 
I also liked the last two dresses on the pictures above, I like their soft light pink or grey, don't really know what's the color....can't decide. I more see myself in the short one :)

So here are some of the pieces I liked. 
Which one is your favorite?

You can check out their whole collection here 

I was so happy to watch the fashion show. First I thought it will never start because the lights were off for soooo long. It's good that people didn't stat to panic or maybe they are used to that kind of things. 

If you still want to watch LFW, you can watch it here Live Stream on their official site LFW Live.
Hope you like watching/reading my review of the fashion show. I enjoy so much watching the fashion shows. Wish I could be there! :)



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  1. Hi!!!

    First of all thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! At the moment I'm not watching DH, I'm obsessed with other TV shows/series - my mind and eyes can't take no more :D

    As regards to this post of yours...while I was reading I thought you were actually AT the fashion show! Love the way you write :) I totally agree with you, the fourth pic is amazing! I love everything the model is wearing! Especially the leggings!!

    hope to hear from you soon,
    jos xx


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