Saturday, February 19, 2011

London Fashion Week - Fall 2011 PPQ

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Yesterday I've watched London Fashion Week live stream by PPQ. I liked the most of the collection, above are the pictures from my favorites. There were all dresses and like I've said here, at the moment I would wear dresses all the time so it was perfect for me. Most of them were formal or too serious but overall it's was a great collection. If I must choose my favorite I would choose the blue dress (fifth picture) and the purple one (last picture). 
Another dress that got my attention is the third one, simple black dress with interesting V shaped collar. 

I'm happy to see some colors for the fall, I don't like when everybody turns into black and grey when summer is over. 
Although today I've watched another show from Betty Jackson and I saw a lot of bright red with lots of flowers. There were also lots of fur and leather which I liked except for the fur. I think we've seen too much fur already. Except for one coat that I loved soo much, will show it later. Oh and there was also one skirt that I liked... :)
I hope we'll see lot of blue. Fingers crossed :)

Have any of you been watching live stream? 
You can watch it here 

Have you joined Fashiolista? I would be happy to see what are your favorite things.




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  1. i love the hats!! such a lovely colletion! :)
    i checked out the panda shirt and it is sooo CUTE!!! thanks for showing it to me...maybe i'll get it ^-^


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