Sunday, February 20, 2011

London Fashion Week - Fall 2011 Jaeger London

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Have any of you watched the Jaeger London fashion show yesterday?
Well I did and it was amazing! I loved almost all of the pieces. There were many different colors, but the main colors for fall 2011 is red, orange, mustard yellow, brown and black. I also saw a lot of blue accessories like shoes, bags, clutches, tights. I was so happy when I saw so many blue things.
On Jaeger show there was so many amazing pieces that I really can't choose my favorite.
Do you have your favorite?

I love the little details like neon pink or blue on black outfit or combination of red with olive green. I also love the combination of any material with leather. I really think it's a great combination, that's why I bought this dress not long ago. 

So the big trend for fall is neon colors and big clutches. What else did you notice?

I've been watching London Fashion Week live stream here if you want to watch




  1. Brights are definetely back and i love i

  2. love the 3rd!

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